Gunnebo is a brand that hails back to 1764. The company originally made nails, and later also sold chains and lifting systems

Since 1995 the Gunnebo Security Group has gradually grown. More than 40 companies have been acquired worldwide, and in 2006–2007 they were all integrated into a common structure under a single brand name – Gunnebo

Our four core Business Areas are Bank Security & Cash Handling, Entrance Control, Secure Storage, and Global Services. These are centres of excellence responsible for developing.

Magnetic Autocontrol

Magnetic Autocontrol Group is an economically sound and strong company operating in the high growth market of "vehicle and pedestrian access control" headquartered in Schopfheim (Germany) and subsidiaries in Australia, China, Malaysia, Brazil, India and the USA.

Security with Technology
You experience our products every day: by driving into car parks, by entering public buildings like museums or offices or by using the public transport as well as airports. In short: Our products are used wherever people or companies have the need for a secure and regulated access control.

Raising the bar ... again!
We regularly define the benchmark for security solutions in the field of vehicle and pedestrian access control. Our core competence is drive and control technology as well as conceptual work and project management. We do not only offer highest quality and reliability but also comprehensive consulting and assistance services.